[Linux-aus] Grant Application: One day linux desktop workshop. PLI coverage.

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 1 13:04:02 UTC 2006

Hi folks

Bettong.org has had a volunteer from linuxsa working with us to 
translate our training notes into Italian.

Gabriele Favalessa is with us during June but is expected to return to 
Italy thereafter.

We would like to run a small workshop to give Gabriele the experience in
using the course notes(at this stage it looks like we will be using the 
english version). We would be running a small course for 4-5 people from 
the Pooraka Salisbury area.

Students may be charged for a share of room hire.
Current cost is suggested at $20 for a room in Pooraka Neighbourhood Centre.

We would like to be able to run the workshop on June 10
as that would fit in with Gabriele's time here.

We dont yet have funds for public liability insurance.
If this workshop could be covered by linuxau that would enable us to 
book the room.

We have 5 computers for the course.
Have ubuntu breezy software and course notes.
(Yep we will update soon).

We hope to be able to cover the insurance for our projects ourselves 
after the next round of SA community benefit grants. (July-August)

Janet Hawtin

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