[Linux-aus] Re: Grant Request Approved

Donna Benjamin donna at mel8ourne.org
Wed Jul 26 17:18:32 UTC 2006

Thank you Linux Australia.

I got some great feedback from people, and will be promoting
Linux-Australia and the education mini-conf at every opportunity whilst
at ACEC 2006.  ( http://www.acec2006.info )

I've recently become more aware that we have to battle the perception
that somehow free software is 2nd rate, that it is not as good as
proprietary software. It seems there is also a strong and genuine fear
that choosing open source solutions means risking not being able to get
the right staff, training or support.

I believe that addressing and acknowledging these perceptions should be
part of my presentation.

Whilst I will focus on Open Source Victoria's initiatives of the FOSS
catalog for schools, the LiveLAMP project and my own research on the
FOSS-VELS matrix - I will acknowledge Linux Australia's sponsorship of
my attendance as part of my presentation, and perhaps I could arrange to
distribute ubuntu cds, opencds, & FC5dvds ??

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions, or might like
to look over my presentation as I develop and change it for this
Computers in Education conference.

Thanks again, I am grateful, and I intend to make the most of this
opportunity for advocating FOSS in the education sector.


On Wed, 2006-07-26 at 15:48 +1000, James Purser wrote:
> Hi Donna,
> Your grant request to attend the Australian Computers In Education
> Conference has been approved by the committee. It was felt that your
> presentation would greatly further the cause of Free and Open Source
> Software in Australia, specifically the education sector.
> Please contact us to finalise the details for the grant.
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must.be.there     donna - bid co-ordinator

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