[Linux-aus] DMCA resources

Janet Hawtin lucychili at internode.on.net
Tue Jul 18 22:56:03 UTC 2006

Hi folks

Heres a set of resources to help with getting the issue through to 
people and getting those petitions signed.

Kim Weatherall an IP lawyer in Melbourne has posted an overview

There is a group called CPTech working on an alternative legal model 
called A2K Accesss to Knowledge in Geneva.

EFF are there hub for example courtcases

Ed Felton with the Freedom to Tinker blog provides excellent commentary.

The pdf of the quiz type document I made is here

Ive got a blog with some of that content and connections to other
people talking on this issue at

You can pretty much google on the term DMCA and get a welter of examples.

The UN Forum on Internet Governance is calling for submissions from 
individuals and groups, (now till August 2) email me if you'd like a 
copy of the request for comment. Its really nicely structured to 
accommodate people who want to talk about freedom, accessibility, local 
culture, internet business models v broadcast business models etc.
Theres gotto be a lot of folk out there who can contribute better than
I can to that debate. I feel that the UN internet governance forum is a 
great group for Linux folk to use as a channel to communicate at the 
same level as the DMCA and they will be working with the interests of 
internet based communities and businesses in mind which puts them in 
natural opposition to the DMCA lobby.

Good luck folks


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