[Linux-aus] Grant Request: To Present at ACEC2006

Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Fri Jul 14 13:39:05 UTC 2006

Trent Lloyd wrote:
> Hi Donna,
> I'd be interested if the conference would be able to pay for your
> registration? Alot of conferences seem do this if you are presenting.

the acce conference is one at which all speakers, other than keynotes, 
are attendees so no there wouldnt be free registration.  I have attended 
most over the past 10 years and last one in 2004 I was on the organising 
committee in SA.  Its a fast paced multi-streamed conference which means 
speakers can be talking to a group as small as 10 depending who they are 
  streamed against.  There are 350 papers which have been accepted. 
Attendance is between 500-800. This makes it an expensive conference to 
subsidise the cost of, however foss is making its presence felt and 
there will certainly be teachers there who are more than a bit 
interested in learning more about FOSS - i doubt for use in the 
classroom however.

Is it possible to run workshops demonstrating, hands on, the use of live 
lamp?  Gadgets and gizmos always attract attention and interest rather 
than papers.  The trade show is also something worth considering since 
breaks are integrated with the trade show, so on an individual level you 
get teachers talking with exhibitors.

More info about the conference is at

Am I in favour of donna going? Yes, am I against linuxaus subsidising 
the cost, No.  why did i write this?  to allow people to consider 
whether they want to do more, less or different.

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