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Hi all,

a competition to get you all moving on your Software Freedom Day


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Hi all,

Software Freedom Day is proud to announce a fantastic competition to get
those creative juices going! With Software Freedom Day only a few months
away, on September 16th, we have some excellent prizes to help inspire you
to create the best Software Freedom Day ever!

Get along to http://softwarefreedomday.org to register your team and start
planning your event. You can register for free schwag to give away on the
day, and we will soon have additional SFD tshirts for sale as well. There is
a Start Guide on the website that will help you with ideas and planning.

The competition has two categories. One for individuals and one for teams.
Individuals have a chance to win a specially signed tshirt and teams can win
an awesome IBM System p5 server. The competition will be judged by the LUG
Radio team (http://lugradio.org) and the Software Freedom International

A signed tshirt is awarded to the best individual submissions for the
following categories:

* best event photo
* best localised version of the offical SFD logo. Some inspiration and
  examples are at http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/Artwork/Logo
* best global version of the offical SFD logo
* best SFD blog coverage
* highest ranking Government offical at SFD event (photo required) -
  Government official submissions determined to be at equal levels (e.g.,
  two country presidents) will be put into a hat and a winner will be drawn.
  The prize goes to the community individual who organised the official, not
  the official personally.

An IBM System p5 base level POWER5+ server will be awarded to the best team
submissions for each of the following categories:

* best SFD event publicity
* best SFD documentary
* best plan for FOSS deployment project on new server for community benefit
* second best plan for FOSS deployment project on new server for community
* best SFD event

The community benefit prizes are for finding great ways to benefit a
community with the servers. We would expect you to implement your plan when
you get the servers and send photos and a short write-up about it :) Think
about ways you can help your community achieve Software Freedom!

Please submit all entries to comp at sf-day.org

The tshirts are specially signed by some rocking FOSS stars that continue to
inspire us all to new heights. As much as we'd love to have every FOSS star
we can think of sign the shirts, we have approached a few that cover some
major projects and contributions to FOSS. See a full list of the tshirt
signers at http://softwarefreedomday.org/sfi/TshirtSigners

We welcome IBM as the sponsor of the major competition prizes, the POWER5
servers. It is wonderful to have IBM on board supporting Software Freedom
Day 2006. They have generously offered System p5 servers as prizes for a
number of categories of competitions.

"IBM is proud to be a sponsor of Software Freedom Day and its efforts to
raise awareness of Open Technologies to developers and users around the
world.", says IBM Linux Community Program Manager, Robert MacFarlan. IBM has
long been an advocate, sponsor and contributor to the Linux developer
community and Open Technology development. Continuing this tradition of
support, IBM has also contributed a number of POWER5 and IBM PPC970 servers
to Universities world-wide for the purpose of Linux and Open Source project
development by the community. These servers are hosted by the Universities
and freely available with a simple registration for use. They include a
number of POWER5 Servers and also an Apple Power Mac G5 for those interested
in doing Altivec or other PPC970 optimizations. These are shared
environments, so users have to abide by each site's acceptable use policies.
These systems provide a great chance to become familiar with the technology
that you have a chance of winning in this competition.

Oregon State University Open Source Labs - SLES on POWER5 and Gentoo on
Apple Power Mac G5.

SourceForge.net compile farm - SLES on POWER5

University of Augsburg - Debian on POWER5

Australian National University - SLES on POWER5

Linux on Power @ Peking University - SLES on POWER5

University de Campinas - RedHat, Debian, and Slackware partitions on POWER5
http://power.ic.unicamp.br (Available mid-July)

Software Freedom Day                          http://softwarefreedomday.org

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