[Linux-aus] Slashdotted: iownmymusic.org & iownmydvds.org

Rohan M. rohbags at purplesock.net.au
Thu Jul 6 20:24:05 UTC 2006

It appears as if these two websites have been slashdoted :)


but the mirrors of iownmymusic.org and iownmydvds.org have fallen over.
the original sites still work fine.

iwonmydvds.org -> http://iownmydvds.org.nyud.net:8080/

iownmymusic.org -> http://iownmymusic.org.nyud.net:8080/

Im sure most slashdotters will figure out to cut the ".nyud.net:8080" from
the link to access the site - but just incase someone can fix it I thought
i'd post it here.

Cheers all,


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