[Linux-aus] Ruby and Rails MiniConf

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed Jul 5 15:40:04 UTC 2006

<quote who="Trent Lloyd">

> I've been getting heavily involved in using Ruby both itself and within
> the Rails framework and I think it'd be nice to run a Ruby and Rails
> related mini-conf.

Hi Trent,

I'd suggest that this would be more appropriate if associated with OSDC - it
might be worth contacting them about it. We're working closely with both LWE
and OSDC to 'segment the market' to make sure our conferences don't eat each
other's lunch. Part of this is knowing when to say no - and I think this one
is pretty clear. :-)

(Not that this is an official "no", but I hope it gives you some idea of the
parameters we're working to.)


- Jeff

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