[Linux-aus] Only two more days of voting!

scott-linuxau at sbs.id.au scott-linuxau at sbs.id.au
Wed Jan 25 07:56:02 UTC 2006

Stewart Smith wrote:
> Voting is now closed and you can view preliminary results through the
> membership system.

I do have to ask, looking at the preliminary results for the Ordinary 
Committee Members, in the first Round of vote tallying, we can see we 
have two members on equal number of votes.

When we get to the second round of tallying for the same position, one 
of them is removed Alphabetically, and the other is left.

My question is, should their votes be redistributed and them removed 
alphabetically, or should in fairness, it be both of them at the same time?

That said, looks like a fine bunch of people for next year.

Scott Sinclair

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