[Linux-aus] Retirees Rock!

ashley maher ashley.maher at didymodesigns.com.au
Sun Jan 15 16:45:02 UTC 2006


Friday night I had the privilege of doing a presentation on Linux to the
Illawarra Computer Enthusiasts (more or less a PC Club for retirees)


It was a fantastic Night. I gave the Ubuntu cd's to everybody (about 40
people) then showed them how to use the live cd. Finished with an

The Club runs a Computer Support Programme for the Disabled. So the
discussion was raised of ComputerBank and that using FOSS there are no
licence problems. They have some licence issues with what they currently
do. So I've agreed to get them in contact with the Illawarra
ComputerBank as there could be some synergy there.

I've already been emailed that some attendees have completed linux
installs (one before he went to bed that night!)

I've now been asked to do the same presentation to the Bulli Senior
Citizens Club at the end of April! (Hmmm! I wonder how quickly shipit
can get me the new cd's?)

I've also been asked if SCLUG could organise an Install Fest for them!

Retirees Rock!



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