[Linux-aus] My slate for the LA elections

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Fri Jan 13 00:00:02 UTC 2006

Morning all,

Anonymous voting affords us both privacy, and the opportunity to throw that
very privacy to the wind. Here's my girly-throw into the bowels of democracy
for all of you to point, laugh and jeer at. In other words, this is how I'll
be voting in the LA election, and why.

       President: Jon Oxer (unopposed)
  Vice-President: Pia Waugh (unopposed)
       Secretary: Anthony Towns (unopposed)

       Treasurer: Terry Dawson -> great to see him back in the saddle, have
                  fond memories of his interest to see LA reinvigorated (we
                  met at a meeting soon after lca2001, to see how the team
                  could help LA become more than just a bank account - took
                  different people and continued success of linux.conf.au
                  over a couple of years to see it through). Treasure is a
                  meaty role to take on, so I don't doubt Terry's hunger!

          Member: Leon Brooks -> the combination of "electronic loudness"
                  and "to see Linux more noticed in a positive way" clinched
                  it for me. I want a ring-side seat to watch Leon using his
                  (positive) powers for the forces of good. ;-)
          Member: James Purser
          Member: Janet Hawtin Reid -> both James and Janet are "fresh meat"
                  and visibly active in the community - perfectly refreshing
                  for the committee. I'm keen to see more of James energy in
                  the press team and general LA pimping, and more of Janet's
                  great artistic contributions to LA. New perspectives rock!

I was nominated (thanks!), but have regretfully declined. I will be focusing
my efforts this year on GNOME (as a director of the GNOME Foundation again),
Ubuntu (working for Canonical on Business & Community Development), Annodex
(I have been elected as Chair of the Annodex Foundation committee, and will
focus on the formation of the organisation as well as marketing and uptake)
and a yet-to-be-announced Linux Australia project -> so definitely doing my
bit for the Australian community. :-)

Rock on - it's going to be great to see everyone at linux.conf.au (again)!


- Jeff

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