[Linux-aus] Grant proposal - Girls in ICT event

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Jan 12 23:17:02 UTC 2006

Hi Terry,

<quote who="Terry Dawson">

> In my former professional role within the Telstra Research Laboratories
> I've been a supporting manager for participation of professional women
> in my team to participate in similar programmes conducted in NSW. (SWEIT
> being a good example for anyone familiar with it).
> The experience and feedback they've had, and the calibre of new women
> graduates suggests it's a very worthwhile pursuit.

Great, thanks for the feedback :)
> I've advised many a student that having a good solid open-source project
> on their resume can count for a lot when they're trying to differentiate
> from a crowd of other similarly qualified people. Perhaps you'd consider
> including some mention of the advantage that open-source participation
> can provide in establishing professional careers as a means of
> concretely relating Open-Source/LA to the conference?

Of course, I personally feel so honored to have had even a small percentage
of the opportunities the Open Source world has opened up for me, so I see
this community as a key chance for girls to get into ICT. To be honest, I
see this community as a key opportunity to effect serious social and
cultural change for the better, worldwide :) I have certainly had more
opportunities because in this community you have more of a chance (in my
belief) to prove yourself as a capable individual, regardless of your
beliefs, genes, gender, age or whatever. Having working in both highly
proprietary and highly open source environments, I certainly know which one
has worked for me :)

I'd definitely be pimping the community, pimping Open Source, and pimping
the concepts that are core to our community, those of sharing, social
responsibility, and a DIY attitude :)


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