[Linux-aus] Grant proposal - Girls in ICT event

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Wed Jan 11 07:57:02 UTC 2006

Hi all,

On the 7th and 8th March will be a huge conference targeting girls at school
about ICT. There will be talks, workshops, giveaways and much more. The
event is being run by a non-profit organisation called WIT Women
http://www.witwomen.org.au/index.htm and the event has runs for three years
now. Already I've convinced the key organisers to put The Open CD in all the
handouts which will benefit students and their schools. They are very keen
for me to go over to give a talk, and the event is being run in Perth. It
apparently gets around 2,500 attendees, so LA would certainly benefit from
the relatively cheap marketing.

So what is the grant proposal? There are two parts:

a) there is a set of sponsorship packages, and if we got the "Kilobyte"
sponsorship, then there would be an LA logo on the website and we could have
a handout in the bags. Imagine if we provided a brochure that showed Open
Source as being an exciting option for girls looking at IT as an interest
and career? We could pimp the LUGs, and the options _and_ be encouraging up
to 2,500 potential new developers, sys admins or more. Also the brochures
could go back to schools (we would provide the pdf for download obviously)
and hopefully get the idea of Open Source into every school participating.
The "Kilobyte" sponsorship package is $1500

b) For me to fly to Perth if I book at the moment would cost $500. I would
like to also request this to be covered as part of the grant proposal.

For the money covered, I would ensure that every girl gets both software and
information about Open Source, as well as information to educate their
schools about Open Source. I see this as a huge net benefit, and I've
already got the organisers very enthusiastic. It would also e good press for
us, and certainly a way to get into the education market. As many of you
know, we have issues cracking into education, particularly the public sector
as it is very top controlled, but here is a way to get into schools a
different way :)

Grant overview

Project name: Go Girls conference sponsorship
Aim of Project: Sponsorship of conference and flights to perth from sydney for
        a keynote speaker. Open Source Software (The Open CD) and information 
        about OSS will be provided to ~2500 students and their relative 
        schools which has a net benefit of good marketing, education market
        penetration of open source and potentially many new community
        members as well as the benefit to the students themselves of finding
        OSS. Part of the sponsorship is also a link to the website, which
        will also get a new crowd to know our community.
Person responsible: Pia Waugh
Amount: $2000 total. All invoices will be provided.


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