[Linux-aus] LA 2006 ctte nomination period ends tomorrow!

Anthony Towns secretary at linux.org.au
Tue Jan 10 19:53:02 UTC 2006

Hi all!

(Folks who've been nominated but have not yet accepted the nomination
are Bcc'ed)

This is a reminder that the nomination period ends tomorrow, so if you
haven't accepted your nomination (or haven't nominated someone you'd
like to see on the committee!) you should get your act into gear!

At the moment, we have the following candidates (sorted by surname):

  President: -

  Vice-President: Anthony Towns and Pia Waugh

  Secretary: Anthony Towns

  Treasurer: Terry Dawson and Alan Harper

  Ordinary member: Andrew Cowie, Greg Lehey, James Purser, Janet Hawtin Reid,
    Stewart Smith and Anthony Towns

and the following additional people have received nominations but haven't
accepted them:

  President: Tony Breeds, Jonathan Oxer, Pia Waugh

  Vice-President: Jonathan Oxer

  Secretary: Andrew Pollock (1 nomination only)

  Treasurer: -

  Ordinary member: Geoffrey Bennett, Leon Brooks, Michael Davies,
    Terry Dawson, Ben Leslie, Jonathan Oxer, Jeff Waugh and Pia Waugh

To accept a nomination, simply follow the URL you received in the email
informing you of your second (or later) nomination. (If you don't want
to accept a nomination, but would like to say why, you can do this by
nominating yourself and adding whatever you'd like to say in your spiel)

If you're having problems with the nomination process, please mail the
committee and complain :)


Anthony Towns <secretary at linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia 
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