[Linux-aus] Authorised Members (was: Nomination for Ordinary Committee Members)

skribe skribe at amber.com.au
Fri Jan 6 12:41:02 UTC 2006

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 12:22, Jonathan Oxer wrote:

> However, I see Linux Australia as an inclusive organisation, not an
> exclusive one. Even many geeks think GPG is too hard-core for them: in
> a typical LUG only a small percentage will actually have a GPG key and
> be integrated into the global WoT. It's not a matter of it being too
> hard to work out: most people, even highly technically competent ones,
> just aren't interested.

An example: I ran a keysigning for PLUG about 4-5 years ago and we got a total 
of 5 people - two of which included myself and my wife.  I was away for a 
couple of years between then and now but I don't think there has been an 
attempt at another keysigning in Perth since.

I know I've stopped updating my keys.  Seems little point if nobody is using 

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