[Linux-aus] Authorised Members (was: Nomination for Ordinary Committee Members)

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Fri Jan 6 11:22:02 UTC 2006

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>From: Jonathan Oxer
>Sent: Friday, 6 January 2006 8:29 AM
>Correct, but unless we wanted to go super-elitist ("you can't become a
>member unless you're identified by the Web of Trust" or similar) I
>can't see a simple way around that problem.

Not meaning to point out the obvious, but we do....

Nearly every LCA has a Key signing, and nearly every LUG has a Keysigning.
Surely we can use that to class members as Verified or Un-Verified. If a
member wants to become Verified, they simply need to attend a LCA or LUG and
have their key verified by two other LA members. Initially that will be very
time consuming, but as time moves on, it will become a lot easier.

Unless that's what you mean by "the Web of trust". Personally I don't see it
as overly onerous to have to attend a LUG meeting to be verified, but then I
kinda have to attend all the Canberra LUG meetings, what with being the
meeting organiser guy and all.

Just my 2cents


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