[Linux-aus] Nomination for Ordinary Committee Members

skribe skribe at amber.com.au
Fri Jan 6 10:53:02 UTC 2006

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006 05:29, Jonathan Oxer wrote:
> Correct, but unless we wanted to go super-elitist ("you can't become a
> member unless you're identified by the Web of Trust" or similar) I
> can't see a simple way around that problem. 

I was attempting to point out that current situation for nominations (ie just 
email addresses) - given the current membership requirements - serve just as 
well as any other data provided.  Personally, I'd rather see nominations 
taken offlist with maybe weekly reports or an entirely separate list for 
them.  I understand the arguments for noms being on list, I just feel that 
personally the signal to noise ratio is too low. YKMV.

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