[Linux-aus] Call for a Treasurer

Mark Tearle mtearle at linux.org.au
Wed Jan 4 16:02:05 UTC 2006

On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Jonathan Oxer wrote:

> Hi LA,
> For the last couple of years Mark Tearle has done a fantastic job as
> Treasurer of LA, but his stated intention was always to hold the
> position for only 2 years while he got the finances in order and then
> pass the job on to the next sucker (errr, volunteer)  ;-)
> There haven't been any nominations yet for the position of Treasurer,
> but it's a vital role in the organisation and we need to have someone
> step up to the plate. You don't have to be an accountant to do the
> job, but you will need to have a reasonable understanding of
> book-keeping and be generally available to handle payments and
> incoming funds.
> Ideally someone with some experience of running an LCA would be great
> since so much of LA's finances are tied to LCA, but that's not
> essential.
> If you're interested in taking on the role or know someone else who
> may be a good candidate please speak up.
> Cheers   :-)
> Jonathan Oxer

Hi all

Jon asked me to eleaborate on this a bit further about the nature of the
role :-

It roughly falls into three major areas of endeavour,

A/ Keeping the wheels of the organisation turning

    Ensuring that things get paid, money gets collected, doing the
    banking, handling the mail and generally handling the business end of

B/ Planning, budgeting and supervision

    Tracking and managing the finances of LA to ensure the best return
    on it's assets.  Accomplishing strategic changes to LA finances.
    Supervising the financial operations of the conference and the
    financial systems of the organisation more generally.

C/ Book/record keeping and reporting

    Ensuring all transactions are record and filed appropriately.
    Generating annual reports and interim reports for the committee.

There's a lot more detail possible here but this is a good start.

Mark Tearle - treasurer at linux.org.au - fax: +61 2 8211 5211

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