[Linux-aus] Nomination for Ordinary Committee Members

Leon Brooks leon-linuxaus at cyberknights.com.au
Wed Jan 4 07:04:01 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 07:53, Gary Allpike wrote:
> Whilst I am quite happy with where the org is going and the people
> that are running it, it is a bit sad to think that those that
> founded and ran the org (and built up its nice little kitty
> for the new lot to use) are completely forgotten. 

You do have a point, and LA's should probably have a more detailed 
history of its trailblazing heroes and standout individuals.

One the other hand, I don't do this stuff for recognition. While 
individuals vary and it's impossible to read minds, I think it's safe 
to say as a general statement that recognition has not been a driving 
force for the Ctte members I've served with.

For example, anyone who knows Pia would most heartily agree that stuff 
like recognition, remuneration and power for power's sake basically 
just aren't even on the radar for her.

The risk of people doing LA stuff primarily for the recognition and 
thereby poisoning LA's somewhat arbitrary esprit de corps is also a 
very real one.

Back on the first hand, I think there is definitely need for a "dead 
Presidents" approach to LA's history arising - a record of some of the 
people who no longer hold seats, are no longer immediately involved in 
directing things, but who have left their footprints in the sands of 
LA's time. Some of it needs to be recorded in detail before it fades 
completely. Perhaps we could call the page "Legends"? People like James 
"Wow, They Did Actually Come" Bromberger, who organised LCA2003, need a 
place on it too, plus cherry-pick some tales of individual heroic deeds 
(last minute missions to fetch essential items, for example, or amazing 
deals done) in order for the show to go on.

Cheers; Leon

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