[Linux-aus] Re: LCA: bringing the process forward

Leon Brooks leon-linuxaus at cyberknights.com.au
Fri Feb 17 10:49:01 UTC 2006

On Thursday 16 February 2006 22:56, David Lloyd wrote:
> "Linux Australia Commissions Coober Pedy to Build 500 New Dwellings"

> In an unprecedented move, after hearing that Linux Australia -
> Australia (and New Zealand's and Indonesia's and Papua New Guinea's
> and Antarctica's) Conference will be holding its annual conference in
> Coober Pedy, the Mayor of Coober Pedy, Mr Joe Bloggs said: "We've
> never hosted anything like it before; we've had to create whole
> caverns of space to fit the expect 15, 000 strong crowd!".

Seriously, I'm amazed at how much I like this idea. "Underground" jokes 
would run rampant, and if you were building (digging) it from scratch 
you could recreate the first handful of caves from Colossal Cavern as 
literal chat-rooms on the way into the main hall. "A feirce green 
Python blocks the way..."

> Linus Torvalds, founder of Linux, whilst loose on the details said:
> "Yes, it is true. I will select three brave miners to come with me
> and we will mine an opal or two like the old days. These will be
> certified by my hand and Linux Australia as opals mined BY LINUS
> TORVALS and will form part of the Penguin Dinner prize...".

Given the nature of Linux I think it would be more appropriate for Linus 
to personally seed some of this guy's opals:


He grows them in jars in a month or two, and I'd be surprised if it was 
hard to grow penguin-shaped ones. A one-off batch of Linus-seeded 
penguin opals mailed out to delegates a couple of months after the 
conference would be pretty damn impressive, unique and valuable.

Cheers; Leon

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