[Linux-aus] Re: LCA: bringing the process forward

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Thu Feb 16 22:58:02 UTC 2006


> On Thursday 16 February 2006 12:55, Mark Phillips wrote:
> > 12,000 attendees at an LCA. Now that's a conference.
> No, that's a township.

"Linux Australia Commissions Coober Pedy to Build 500 New Dwellings"

In an unprecedented move, after hearing that Linux Australia - Australia
(and New Zealand's and Indonesia's and Papua New Guinea's and
Antarctica's) Conference will be holding its annual conference in Coober
Pedy, the Mayor of Coober Pedy, Mr Joe Bloggs said: "We've never hosted
anything like it before; we've had to create whole caverns of space to
fit the expect 15, 000 strong crowd!".

Linus Torvalds, founder of Linux, whilst loose on the details said:
"Yes, it is true. I will select three brave miners to come with me and
we will mine an opal or two like the old days. These will be certified
by my hand and Linux Australia as opals mined BY LINUS TORVALS and will
form part of the Penguin Dinner prize...".

Whilst consistent praise abounded, John Howard - the Octagenrian Prime
Minister - warned: "Linux does not relax immigration barriers - throwing
penguins overboard or launching false wars at Microland will NOT BE
TOLERATED unless they improve my election chances!".

PS: All penguins must be fitted with a special penguin cooling suit!


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