[Linux-aus] Re: [Osia-discuss] Re: ATO - Software Compatibility

Alex Ferrara alex at receptiveit.com.au
Sun Feb 5 16:04:01 UTC 2006

Stephen Davies wrote:
> I'm afraid I don't know what e-tax is. I handle all of my company's ATO 
> liabilities via the portal.
> Cheers,
> Stephen
> On Friday 03 February 2006 15:24, Peter Lieverdink wrote:
>>Hey Stephen,
>>Yes, the portal does, but e-tax as well?
>>- P.
>>Stephen Davies wrote:
>>>You don't need wine (let alone IE) to run the Java portal access
>>>side of things. It works just fine with standard Linux Java ,
>>>Firefox etc etc.
>>>Stephen Davies

e-tax is the electronic lodgement software provided by the ATO for 
personal income tax returns. I use it to do my personal tax return, 
which is faster that filling out a tax pack.

e-tax is windows only software, and I used to use it in a virtual 
machine. Lately, When I first used it under wine, I found that I could 
use the software, but it wouldn't submit the completed return. 
Installing IE solved this.

To access the business portal, you only need the CSI (Common Signing 
Interface) which is standard sun java app and runs native.


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