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Copyright and Linux, GPL patent issues: part 1
You see it sprinkled liberally in mailing lists and forum discussions: 
IANAL. "I am not a lawyer." Of course, legal analysis often follows -- 
sometimes well informed, but often wildly incorrect or outdated. Debates 
about GPL enforceability are no different. Copyright law, though, has 
evolved to shrink the gray areas significantly.

Copyright and Linux, GPL patent issues: part 2
This is part two in a three-part series of articles debunking some 
common myths about the GPL's reach and highlighting the sensible 
solution that the Linux community has constructed despite these myths. 
This part applies the body of court cases to the GPL, outlining the 
framework of the     "gentleman's agreement" struck by commercial and 
non-commercial Linux developers.

AND GPL V3 3rd item on the video playlist at 

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