[Linux-aus] Video: DET considers Linux on the desktop

Janet Hawtin lucychili at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 05:38:03 UTC 2006

Thanks to Brenton Scott for the link.

Wondered if anyone in NSW would like to approach the DET team with
support for their consideration? It is possibly a piece of pricing
negotiation but if they are considering Linux, it would be nice to
make sure they get some buzz or response from us at that point?

The foss vels matrix being worked on in Victoria is a good example of
how free software can be used for educational purposes?

Some SA notes on FOSS in education are currently at
And LA web team feel free to put them on the LA site and I will send
people there in future. There is a link on the edu page for some
papers by Kathryn Moyle on
FOSS in education TCO and a case study. Currently the site where these
are hosted is not responding so here is the google cache.

Moyle, K. (2004). Total cost of ownership and open source software,
Department of Education and Children's Services (South Australia)

Moyle, K. (2004). Report of the trial of open source software
conducted at Grant High School, Department of Education and Children's
Services (SA) and Grant High School, 2004


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