[Linux-aus] OpenSolaris Mini Conf (2008)

David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sun Dec 10 19:19:04 UTC 2006

Hi There,

I'm just wondering whether a conference named "linux.conf.au" might be 
an appropriate venue to hold a community run "OpenSolaris Mini Conf" the 
purpose of which would be to:

  a) Bring together the various OpenSolaris Communities at a conference
  b) Have presentations about interesting things in the OpenSolaris world

For those who haven't heard of OpenSolaris, it's a community project 
sponsored by Sun Microsystems to take the lead on most if not all of the 
projects and code that Sun is making open source. This includes the 
Solaris kernel itself which does form the basis of the next OFFICIAL Sun 
Solaris operating system.

The OpenSolaris kernel is to Sun Solaris OS as the Linux Kernel is to 
the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. There are a number of distributions 
built around the OpenSolaris kernel and offerings including: Belenix, 
Nexenta (Ubuntu userland on Solaris Kernel), OpenSolaris ON aka Solaris 
Express Community Edition and of course Sun Solaris OS itself.

Before I propose something more formal to the OpenSolaris community 
process, I'd like to know if there's any show stoppers in doing this; I 
don't see any however :)


[I don't think I need to credential myself, but I've been an LCA 
organiser, run a mini-conf before, was the informal chair for the 
meeting which eventually seeded OSIA and am known to be incredibly -- 
feisty :P]

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