[Linux-aus] License Gurus needed for Gaming Miniconf!

Tim Ansell mithro at mithis.com
Mon Dec 4 10:39:01 UTC 2006

Do you know your legal foo? Are you a cool license Guru? Or have you had
legal experience with OSS licenses? Well if the answer to any of these
questions is yes, then the Gaming Miniconf needs you!


As part of the Gaming Miniconf I would really like to have somebody give
a talk about OSS licensing with a particular bent towards content
developers (such as Artists, Writers, etc). 

Another option would be a "Panel Discussion". If you don't think you are
up to giving a talk, but still know your stuff, please, please contact

Content developers face unique problems that regular coders do not have
to worry about and have a wide variety of FOSS and not so FOSS licenses
to choose from.

For example, what is the source format for a 3d file? What happens when
you combined Art files, does it fall under "linking" clause? Is playing
OSS music at a concert distribution? How do you get the "source" for a
live performance? It it distribution if it's used inside a game client?

***If you even think you might be a possible candidate please, please
contact me!***

More information about the Miniconf can be found at the end of this

Thanks for your time.

Tim Ansell

=== A bit about the Miniconf ===
This Open Source Gaming and Game Development Miniconf aims to promote
FOSS Gaming and Game Development. It hopes to show that there is a
large, viable and active community.

The Miniconf also aims to bring game developers together with other FOSS
developers to further increase the cooperation. There will be a specific
focus on game developers getting together with both the FOSS media
development community and the FOSS embedded hardware community.

Like LCA in general, the Miniconf aims to be FUN! 
Demonstrations of (embarrassing for the participants) FOSS games will be
occurring. Hopefully, Some kernel hacker mojo going on with pyDance! 

The Miniconf will run for the complete day of '''Tuesday, January
16th''' (which is the second day of the LCA conference). It will also be
participating in the LCA Open Day.

You can visit the Miniconf website at the following address,

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