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Kim Hawtin kimhawtin at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 11:14:01 UTC 2006


> request for comment (below) from Dennis Hood to the linuxsa list - just
> shows it gets around doesnt it :)
> ++++++++++++++++
> "My one cent worth on open source software......

I would be very concerned about the state of ACS if that is a
representitive view of its members.

Is ACS still living in the early 1990's? Out of date and out of touch ... still?

As a professional Linux Sysadmin of more than ten years, I have been
watching a steady migration. From proprietry systems to Linux, slowly,
but steadily.

My workplace runs half of its critical network services and all of its
critical web client facing applications on Linux.

Our current path for hardware refresh, moves from Solaris on Sun
Enterprise hardware to Redhat[1][2] Linux on HP Enterprise hardware.

The variety of choice in software today is orders of magnitude greater
than it was only five years ago, picking the right tool for the job is
even harder[3], but more rewarding. So maybe ACS members should get a
little more up to date before venturing into the professional IT
arena?  ;-)


[1] Redhat support is not free but at least they provide actual support ;)
[2] Redhat also have training that is hands in a Lab, not multi guess assement.
[3] We also run Windows Server platform where it is the right tool for the job.

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