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David Lloyd lloy0076 at adam.com.au
Sun Dec 3 10:03:03 UTC 2006


> ps janet you'd recognise the start of this since you sent the orginal 
> request for comment (below) from Dennis Hood to the linuxsa list - just 
> shows it gets around doesnt it :)

Who wrote this one because my first three responses would invoke 
Godwin's Law...

  * http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/legends/godwin/

Let me just say that I find it very neo-conservative...

> ++++++++++++++++
> "My one cent worth on open source software......
> Open source software is not really free as Matt said. The cost of free 
> open source software is migration, maintenance and reliability issues. 
> That is why it is currently used mostly for running non-critical or 
> highly expensive infrastructure (which require less reliability). So it 
> remains largely with enthusiasts and much of the commercial use is found 
>  to be delivering non critical web content, internet services and other 
> non critical internet-related services. These are only the areas where 
> level of reliability of free open source software is good enough to be 
> used. Where more reliable services are required, it is more of Unix 
> flavours which are more often used than Linux. There are plenty of GUI's 
> which work well with Unix or any Linux versions used at the backend. So 
> the most used server have  Unix/Linux flavours and destop level 
> softwares are either Novell or Microsoft or even legacy DOS used in some 
> countries. To replace an operating system there are some main areas 
> whihc need first attention when migrating to open source software. Costs 
> include change of hardware, retraining staff, additional expert 
> maintenance staff, buying online support 24/7, design and
> implementation of addtional redundancy to have 100% backup in case of
> breakdown. This is why the Sun software (I am taking this only as a
> successful business model example) with its well designed GUI has been 
> made free and they are selling training and support for princely sums. 
> Everybody has a right to make money.... Don't They? How much is the 
> question. The proponent of open source software does make a business 
> case before switching to open source and also have to keep in mind the 
> longevity of such change.
> Availability of expertise and also cost effectively will be a major 
> factor in such decisions. So if anyone is a policy maker who reads this 
> email should do more research into such decisions regarding open software.
> Also.... each flavour of Unix/Linux is different and some are more 
> reliable in some areas than others. This demands careful planning when 
> switching and planning its long time support. Each business/organisation 
> has different operational procedures and may need different scale of 
> reliability and operational flexibility in the operation of its computer 
> systems, which will also affect the choice of software used.
> Unfortunately Microsoft has set the path for unreliable and inefficient
> software writing...... Well, we shall feel this for a long time to come,
> even in open source software development.
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