[Linux-aus] linux.conf.au virtualization miniconf call for papers

Julie Kosakowski julie.kosakowski at hp.com
Sat Dec 2 12:34:01 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

Just wanted to spread the word on this, all interest welcome in the
linux.conf.au virtualization miniconf, see below for more details on how
to submit. 

Virtualization Miniconf, linix.conf.au 2007

Any topics related to virtualization will be entertained.  Following are
some examples of topic areas of particular interest: 

Virtualization Technology:
Review and/or provide deep insight into the fundamentals of specific
virtualization technologies.  Exploration of project development
opportunities.  Discussion of ideas to improve the technologies.

Layered Tool Opportunities and Projects:
Research and/or project execution in areas such as local and datacenter
virtual machine management, workload management, security, quality of
service and other cool ideas.

Virtualization Case Studies:
Description of the deployed environment; what has gone well; what went
wrong; acceptance of using virtualized servers; flunking or besting
deployment goals; novel uses of virtualization and other nifty benefits
that came up along the way. 


There will be two types of presentations:

* Full Presentations:  These presentations will consume an entire 40
minute time slot.  It is suggested that the presentation be planned for
25-30 minutes which will allow for a 10-15 minute period of discussions
with the audience.

* Lightning Talks:  These talks will be scheduled for 10 to 15 minutes. 

The mix of full presentations and lightning talks will be determined as
a result of evaluation of submissions 

Please note that the accepted abstracts will be posted on the LCA
Virtualization Miniconf website.  It is also intended that final
presentation materials for each of the talks will be collected and
posted to this website at the conclusion of the miniconf.

Presentation Submissions

Please login to http://virtminiconf.linux.hp.com and submit to the
Virtualization Miniconf. Please create a login account via the "new
user?" link located in the login box on the main page. Login and
navigate to the "Call for Presentations" -> "Submit Here" folder. In the
upper right drop-down menu "add to folder" your "file" or new "page"
with your submittal (see the example template). In the same upper right
menu bar, ensure that the content is the the state of "private", only
the admin will have access to review the proposal.  Please include the
following information in your proposal:


Email Address: (will be obscured in posting)


Title of talk: 

Type of Presentation: (Full and/or Lightning)

Short presentation abstract: (400-500 words)

Short biography: (400 words max.)

Submission Timeline:

Presentation abstract submission    November 24, 2006 --> extended to
Dec. 8th, 2006

Presentation acceptance deadline:               December 4-15, 2006

Program schedule and abstracts posted:    December 22, 2006

Virtualization Miniconf:                                 January 15,

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