[Linux-aus] ZDNet: Windows to Linux, and vice versa

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Wed Apr 26 14:21:02 UTC 2006


On 4/26/06, Jeff Waugh <jdub at perkypants.org> wrote:
> <quote who="Brent Wallis">
> > 1. Look a little more closely at the Austereo story ... the "issues"
> with
> > "Linux" were actually issues with they overall design of what they
> wanted
> > to do...
> This just points to lack of market awareness and available brains, really.

The guy is a goose that I wouldn;t let near my kids PC..... ....BUT MS gave
(and will contiunue to give him) him a way out ...
... a large majority of CIOs will eat this up...the person who wrote it, had
these guys in their mind as their target audience.

many a board room will be splashed with copies of these articles.... an "I
TOLD YOU SO" memo attached.....

This story for a CIO gives them an opportunity to stand up and say:

"Why waste our time....look at this guys story.....damn the expense, Windows
will do "it" for us..."
(...and the CIO gets to go golfing every Wednesday again instead of
researching FOSS for due dilligence......
.....and the way to counteract that is with stories of success!

Basically, the Austereo guy has locked his company into a long path tied
with a single vendor.
They have nowhere to move ... nowhere to hide.....they must do what their
vendor tells them...
and the cost locks them in for at least 5 years.....bet if you asked this
guy what the impact of Vista will be on his "deal" that he will have no idea
of what he has gotten himself into...
lots of surprises due for those guys.

We need to get across the point that that is a very, very bad business move.

Stories....real life stories is what we need.....

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