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Donna Benjamin wrote:
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> Subject: Leon moved to shenton Park
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> Hi all,
> Leon has finally been transferred to the rehabilitation unit at Shenton
> Park,
> and will appreciate any visitors brave enough to listen to his tall stories!

thanks for the update donna and my continued thoughts are with him.  My 
cousin was brain injured years ago in a stabbing incident on a bus 
travelling the nullarbor and spent a very long time in shenton park.  He 
had to learn to talk and walk, eat and all of the basic human functions. 
  His support from staff made it work for him and today he lives and 
works in Perth not far from Shenton Park.  (Incidentally after many 
years he married his nurse :) and he was there to see her through her 
terminal illness and to reciprocate the care he received from her in his 
younger days.

Not sure why I shared that but thought it relevant :)

Happy easter one and all


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