[Linux-aus] Linux Australia Secretary To Head Debian Project

James Purser purserj at k-sit.com
Tue Apr 11 09:15:02 UTC 2006

Linux Australia Secretary Anthony Towns has been declared winner of the
recent Debian Project Leader elections. 

Linux Australia President Jonathan Oxer extended his warm
congratulations to Towns, noting that he has been a stalwart member of
the Linux community for many years. "Working with Anthony on the Linux
Australia committee is a real pleasure and he's personally contributed
a huge amount to the organisation. He knows both the Debian community
and the Linux community in general extremely well and I'm sure he'll
do a fantastic job as DPL" said Oxer, who has also convened several
Debian Miniconfs at which Towns has presented technical papers.

Towns will continue in his role on the Linux Australia committee while
serving his term as Debian Project Leader.
James Purser
Ordinary Committee Member
Linux Australia

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