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Julien Goodwin jgoodwin at studio442.com.au
Thu Apr 6 09:59:02 UTC 2006

On Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 09:04:15PM +1000, Steve Walsh arranged a set of bits into the following:
> <quoteth="DSL">
> >Also, is there any chance the talk might be recorded or video taped? It
> >looks like I'm about to have to setup an Asterisk system within the next
> >six months and I'd be interested to hear it...
> I would have to second that. It would be nice to turn these sorts of things
> into something that can be archived (on LA's shiny LCA/Debian mirror even!)
> and used by the wider community after the talk in question.

As the person in question I can point out that this talk is essentially
just the latest revision of the Intro to VoIP tutorial I gave at LCA.

There's some fixes, some new suggestions, but if the video's from that
came out it should be ok (albeit not the best due to presentation

From my own experience doing this talk (and talking about all aspects of
VoIP) what I've found is that while my talks can be useful to get a good
grounding in telphony and VoIP (which is one of the hardest things to do)
it's the questions that people come up with that really help people's
understanding and get them thinking in new ways. The talk I'm planning
for LCA next year is one that comes directly out of a question asked of
me at LCA.

One thing that might be intresting is doing a talk like this, and a full
demo of a PBX setup and get it properly recorded to put on LA's mirror.
That way we could do takes, and include things which take too long to do
otherwise (compilation, distro installation).

The other thing I bring in this situation is that I'm also the secretary
of LUV (Linux Users of Victoria) and it's always great to have a chat
with the people behind the other LUG's in Australia.

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