[Linux-aus] Ubuntu Certification (was: lca2005 CD)

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Apr 5 20:59:02 UTC 2006

<quoteth="Les Bell">

<fairly major snippage>

>So the focus was on knowing one's way around with just vi and
>the contents of /etc, which is distribution-neutral.

Les, thanks for clearing that part up. Having spoken to people who have done
both the RHCE and LPI tests, they said that the RHCE test was nice if you
had a rough idea about a task but just wanted to check Syntax, where as the
LPI tests really tested your knowledge of the Linux kernel and Sub-systems.
I'd actually be interested in seeing how the ubuntu specific test slots into
the LPI exam format based on what you've described above.

Thanks again


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