[Linux-aus] Re: Ubuntu Certification

Del del at babel.com.au
Wed Apr 5 16:37:01 UTC 2006

> Having recently done the LPI 101 and 102 exams (for pure shits and giggles,
> I can assure you), I think that this sort of thing is a huge step forward. 
> If we could get a RH equivalent of this 103 test, it could actually result
> in a jump in the quality of the 101 and 102 exams -- they could do much
> better at finding that lowest-common-denominator for those exams, and leave
> all of the distro-specific stuff for the 103s.

Unfortunately that's not going to happen for the same reason that there
isn't going to be a Microsoft equivalent of the 103 test.  Red Hat make a
fair amount of dosh out of RHCE and they aren't going to hand that income
stream over to LPI in a huge hurry.  And I can hardly say I blame them.  :)

We can hope, though.

Having said that, the RHCE is a fairly respected industry qualification, and
well sought-after by a number of large companies.  The same is not entirely
true of LPI but it's getting there.  I think "RHCE" has hit critical market
mass as far as the minds of the recruitment droids are concerned, perhaps that's
the angle that the LPI guys need to take next.  When there are large data
centers in sydney using thousands of Ubuntu machines that is likely to change
of course.


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