[Linux-aus] Reclaiming the commons - Sydney seminar and discussion

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Wed Sep 28 05:30:02 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Thought this might be interesting to a few. We have me and our own Sara Kaan
speaking, as well as May Miller-Dawkins from the Commons Institute. Should
be interesting. I think this one is free. I didn't organise it or write the
blurb below, but it would be good to have our view known in such a
discussion, so come along :)


A Sydney Greens Forum
Globalisation, Technology & Open Source

6.15pm Tuesday 11th October
@ Quakers Meeting Hall
119 Devonshire St, Surry Hills
(Just up from Central Station)

Speakers include
* PIA WAUGH (Linux Australia)
* SARA KAAN (open source advocate)
* MAY MILLER-DAWKINS (Commons Institute)

The propaganda for neo-liberal globalisation paints a picture of the rapid
spread of new technologies for the betterment of all. Yet the reality is a
world dominated by a handful of powerful corporations who can bend
governments to their will and use the WTO system to their advantage. This
forum will discuss free trade, intellectual property and government
complicity in corporate control before outlining the alternatives, both in
the democratisation of technology and the rise of the creative commons
movement. Come along and join the discussion.

* For more information contact Tad 0408 690 215 / tadtietze at bigpond.com

* What we¹re about... Another World is Possible!
In the past few years there have been big protests against the mistreatment of
refugees and indigenous people, against the corporatisation of daily life and
the drive to war. The Sydney Greens Forums project is focused on the new left
that is emerging from these movements. We want to bring people together to
discuss ideas and debate the way forward. We want to go beyond just opposing,
and articulate new agendas for change in the struggle for another world.

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