[Linux-aus] Software Freedom Day - a success

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Thu Sep 22 09:40:03 UTC 2005

Hi all,

Software Freedom Day was on the 10th Sept, and was a real success all around
the world! We had 15 teams (towns) in Australia participating, which made up
about 15% of all the teams in the world, and there were 70 countries
participating, so we really were well represented! Great job everyone!

There are some photos up on
http://sf-day.org/gallery/index.php?gallery=./SFD%202005%20Events of some of
the teams, some blogs at
and some team reports are currently at
however there are very few up (although many Aussie teams have already sent
their reports in, the SFD guys are probably quite overloaded :).

We have a short video that CSIRO made that will be available shortly (in
Annodex) and I'll post that as soon as it is ready. This video, along with
some of the photos will be used in a campaign I'll be running in the next
few weeks where I'll be approaching a bunch of politicians (senators and
members) to talk about the political platforms for Open Source, namely
Digital Divide, Education, trade deficit (2/3 of our total trade deficit is
ICT related!), and growing the local ICT industry.

Anyway, more will be posted on that later, but I want to say a huge thankyou
to all who organised and participated in events all over Australia.
Thankyou! We all did an amazing job, and next year we'll have a precedent of
success that will hopefully mean the event taking off and becoming more in
the eye of the mainstream.


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