[Linux-aus] LUG Vegas - new brisbane lug

Morgan Tocker tocker at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 20:04:03 UTC 2005

> <quote who="Andy Fitzsimon">
> > G'day just thought i'd post to mention a new LUG happening in Brisbane.

> Keep everyone posted as to what you get up to. If you or anyone in your
> community have blogs, please email planet at linux.org.au with the details so
> they get added to the community blog aggregator.


I'm one of the other organisers -- I have a blog -- http://tocker.id.au/

Probably could add my 2c to this thread too - 

So far we've got 33 people who've RSVPed for LUG Vegas Meetup #1.  If
anyone is in Brisbane and would like to help see that creep past 40,
then RSVP at http://lugvegas.org/rsvp/

Speaking to some of the other organisers -- we hope we can get a few
people from the other LUGs to come along.  Our format may leave
refugees for people who need hands on help (since it is presentation
based only).  If that's you, then come along!

Oh, eventually we will start Planet Vegas too, so if you want to
become involved, then send me your details :-)

- Morgan

Morgan Tocker @ http://tocker.id.au/
MySQL related blogs @ http://www.planetmysql.org/
LUG Vegas @ http://lugvegas.org/

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