[Linux-aus] Linux Trademark

Pia Waugh greebo at pipka.org
Tue Sep 20 19:51:01 UTC 2005

Hi all,

<quote who="Anthony Towns">

> The trademark application has been rejected, essentially on the grounds
> that the term is generic. The examiner's reasoning is:

Keep in mind all that this decision may also work in our favour. If the term
Linux can not be trademarked in this country, full stop, then it can also
not be used against the business or broader community. It may end up solving
a lot of problems, and then if someone is misusing the name, then at least
they won't be able to screw other people over by owning it. I think the term
Linux now is well known enough that someone misusing it may not negatively
impact us. My concern was always about someone else owning it and stopping
us using it.

If someone was misrepresenting Linux, then a few good press releases and
such would soon make them irrelevant. We have a technical community, I'm
sure we could think of something ;)

Just a thought.


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