[Linux-aus] Poll question

Jon maddog Hall maddog at li.org
Fri Sep 16 19:23:02 UTC 2005

James et. al.

I have been following along on your conversations about this, and while I
appreciate the democracy of a poll, I think that this issue needs to be
determined by people who have spent a good deal of time thinking about it
and whose knowledge of trademark law fits the issue.

In addition, the issue needs to be looked at in the broader sense of "just"
Australia.  The effects of what happens with your trademark office may ring
on through to lots of other trademark offices around the world.

I understand that Rayce Boucher of LMI has set up a meeting with you to
discuss the issues.  I would suggest that at a minimum you hold your
poll after you have a chance to talk to Rayce.  Perhaps he can bring some
additional points to light that would allow a more informed poll.

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