[Linux-aus] AUUG2005 Conference Announcement

Jonathon Coombes jon at cybersite.com.au
Thu Sep 8 07:53:02 UTC 2005

The conference brochure for AUUG 2005 - the Conference for Unix, Linux
and Open Source Professionals - has been released and can be downloaded
from the AUUG web site:


AUUG 2005 is being held at the Carlton Crest Hotel in Sydney from
Wed 19th to Fri 21st October.

It is worth noting that AUUG is offering discounts on registration and 
tutorial fees to organisations that register more than one attendees. 
Register two, three or four attendees and receive a 5% discount. 
Register 5 or more attendees and receive a 10% discount.

The Annual AUUG Conference is the best place for technical professionals
in the field of standards based computing to meet and share experience
and wisdom. There is a vast array of topics being discussed, and ample
opportunity to network with fellow attendees.

Keynote presenters at AUUG 2005 include:

- Brad Templeton, founder of Clarinet Communications Corp, past
   moderator of rec.humor.funny and Chairman of the Electronic Frontier

- Peter Gutmann, world renowned security and cryography expert from the
   the University of Auckland, and professional paranoid.

- Bryan Cantrill, senior Solaris enginerr, and the architect of the
   Dynamic Tracing System, Dtrace.

- Damien Miller, OpenBSD developer.

- Mark Uemura,  Deputy Chairperson of the PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
   Asia Pacific Information Security Forum.

The conference is preceeded by three days of tutorials (Sun 16th to
Tue 18th October). Topics covered include:

- Debugging kernel problems

- Installing GNU Hurd from scratch

- SQLite

- Secure Wireless Networking

- Configuration Management with CVS

- MySQL optimisation, and using PHP with MySQL

Plus a whole slew of security topics, from introductory cryptography
to pf firewall configuration.

So - check the web site for details, read the brochure and register
Early bird registration ends on September 23rd!

AUUG 2005:

AUUG 2005 Conference brochure (includes registration form):

(Online registration available soon.)

Queries to auug2005 at auug.org.au, or call AUUG on +61 2 8824 9511.

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