[Linux-aus] Re: [Osia-discuss] Help with a political approach to Open Source please :)

James Purser purserj at winnsw.com.au
Fri Oct 7 08:01:02 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-10-07 at 09:13 +0930, anthony hornby wrote:
> Hi All,
> to support initiatives like Pia's, I think we need to put together an
> "Australian managers guide to open source" or the like - some sort of
> directory, repository or online bibliography of the pick of the white
> papers, case studies,government decisions re open source that are
> driving change worldwide.
> We need a repository of authoritative information that demonstrates all
> of the points we are making so when we get their interest we can say
> "and read more about it here" without asking busy people to wander all
> around the web, online databases etc.
> I am happy to look at helping find such a repository a place to live (eg
> on the DarLUG server if need be) and provide LA members access to
> contribute articles, links etc.
> If something like this already exists then we need to promote it
> more :-)
> What do people think?
> Regards Anthony.

Sort of like a "Get the Facts" campaign?
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