[LACTTE] Re: [Linux-aus] LA ctte and sub-ctte information - feedback required :)

Jonathan Oxer jon at ivt.com.au
Wed Nov 16 10:48:02 UTC 2005

On 11/16/05, Martin Pool <mbp at sourcefrog.net> wrote:
> On 13 Nov 2005, Pia Waugh <greebo at pipka.org> wrote:
> > for LCA in future. Check it out at http://wiki.linux.org.au/Ctte/LCA_HOWTO
> Great work!

I should point out that it's actually Alison Russell's great work. She
really put a lot of effort into putting it all together, so thanks

What she submitted was only meant to be the first draft but given that
it was so well done and that there are teams right now going through
the bid process Pia and I decided it would be worthwhile just posting
it as-is and letting people use it and comment on it. Alli's first
draft is probably what most people would do as the end result!

Alli's master copy is an Abiword document, but now that it's moved
into the public eye perhaps we should treat the wiki page as the
master from now on.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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