[Linux-aus] Pitch for linux.conf.au, 2007

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Wed Nov 2 10:14:02 UTC 2005

linux.conf.au, Sydney 2007

We're a keen team of Sydney-based FOSS lovers, and we're aiming to host the
best linux.conf.au EVER. This is our pitch to Linux Australia to bring the
conference to Sydney in January, 2007.

linux.conf.au is rapidly growing in size and scope, and appealing to old and
new audiences as Free and Open Source Software gains popularity. Our team is
committed to growing linux.conf.au - and its audience - such that it retains
its intimacy and irreverence, and continues to represent the fun and curious
nature of our community.

We've covered the basics...

 * we have a strong and committed team reflecting a broad set of experiences
   and interests
 * a fully sponsored, proven venue
 * a rocking budget
 * keen sponsors

... and we bring some unique ideas to the plate:

 * a structured conference 'release schedule' (after all, we have the GNOME
   release manager emeritus on the team!)
 * plans to handle the growth and changing demographic of the conference
   without sacrificing intimacy
 * an Open Day to grow the community, and show off our great work beyond the
   traditional audience of linux.conf.au

The Team

 * Lindsay Holmwood
 * Sara Kaan
 * Ben Leslie
 * Matthew Moor
 * Jeff Waugh
 * Pia Waugh 
 * Jamie Wilkinson

The Venue

The University of New South Wales was such a great venue and setting for the
first linux.conf.au conference in 2001 - not only are we keen to return, but
the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Faculty of Engineering
(FE) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) were keen to have us back!
They have offered to sponsor the venue in full if the Sydney 2007 pitch is

The facilities include a 945 theatre for keynotes, four smaller theatres for
mini-confs and presentations - all fully decked out with modern AV equipment
and accessible with wheelchairs - and ample indoor/outdoor gathering space
nearby. Wonderful on-campus venues exist for the networking evening and the
Penguin dinner, along with plenty of cafes and shops around the university.
There is plenty of accomodation within walking distance of the conference
venue, in price ranges appropriate for students and professional attendees,
with easy transport from the airport and city, and on/nearby-campus parking.

Finally, for those not interested in the beautiful Coogee and Bondi beaches,
the university provides full wireless coverage and we'll have terminal rooms
for the laptop challenged.

The Budget

A growing linux.conf.au requires a tougher, more robust budget. We've split
our budget into necessary and discretionary items, and plan to wholly fund
the necessary items - such as the venue, speaker costs and the very basics
of our social functions - through sponsorship. This protects Linux Australia
against blowouts, and gives the organising team much more flexibility with
discretionary items... the fun stuff!

The budget takes into account the experience gained from previous
conferences, with local costings. It will be made available to the Linux
Australia committee soon after the submission of this pitch.


We aim to work very closely with our sponsors to ensure they are satisfied
with their linux.conf.au partnership, and are keen to return for following
events. We have approached a number of potential sponsors, and received
their verbal support for linux.conf.au in Sydney, 2007. Smaller sponsorships
from local Open Source focused businesses will be an important part of our
sponsorship strategy.

Partners and Kids

We are committed to providing a mix of organised events for partners (and in
some cases, children) and free time where partners can simply explore the
city and surrounds with good information and suggestions in hand. We are
engaging with many previous attendees of the partners programmes to ensure
prior experience and suggestions are taken on.

Open Day

We plan to involve new audiences with the linux.conf.au Open Day - a less
technical event with competitions, fun demonstrations, a poster and demo
session for FOSS projects represented at linux.conf.au, showbags, and a
specific focus on involving students. Open Day will start at 2pm, allowing
conference attendees to participate in tutorials or BOFs prior to the Open
Day activities. Drinks and snacks will be available, with Pizza & Thai at
7pm to attract the "after-work" crowd and their families.

Public Relations

With PR opportunities built into the release schedule, good communications
between attendees and from the conference to the outside world, dollars
committed in the budget for advertising, and the wonderful press opportunity
the Open Day provides, we believe we can ensure a full house for the
conference and related events, and great coverage of linux.conf.au in local
and international media, which of course is good for everyone.

We will be inserting ads for the conference in relevant IT publications. Ads
for the Open Day will be more broadly distributed in mainstream media,
school publications, and to schools and peak education bodies themselves.


We're chomping at the bit to put this conference together, so please let the
Linux Australia committee know that you are excited about linux.conf.au in
Sydney, 2007. We will rock you.

- The Seven Team

        "We must be proactive, eternally vigilant, forever fighting,
             overwhelmingly clever and handsome." - Robert Love

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