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[Linux-aus] Suggestion for planet.linux.org.au - contact and membership links don't work

Oh also contact and membership links don't work.
Should really fix or remove.

And the RSS 1.0 feed might be broken ( or it might be my reader -
haven't checked in depth yet).

"XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
Location: http://planet.linux.org.au/rss10.xml
Line Number 959, Column 29:	<title>Mike Beattie (aka Mr&nbsp;LCA2006):
Just Another Day...</title>

Not being picky - the DarLUG site I help look after isn't anything
special that's for sure - just trying to be helpful and reporting broken


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Subject: [Linux-aus] Suggestion for planet.linux.org.au - needs obvious
link back to linux.org.au
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 12:19:38 +0930
Hi All,
this is just a suggestion.

I think it would aid intuitive navigation between linux.org.au and
planet.linux.org.au if on the planet site there was a link to
linux.org.au up in the top right in the same way as linux.org.au links
to the planet site.

That being said, the Planet site is cool - good move.

My 2c.