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Minnie Constan MConstan at austexhibit.com.au
Tue May 31 16:13:02 UTC 2005

Not a problem Jeff -- all is forgiven :-)

Kind regards
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<quote who="Minnie Constan">

> Thanks Jonathan - initially I got the feeling that you all hated me,
> I'm now starting to wonder if that isn't just your sense of humour or
> least that's what I'm hoping :-) 

Hi Minnie,

Sorry about that. This list tends to be pretty candid - you can be a fly
the wall of the FOSS community in Australia here. :-) Now that I've seen
silly joke taken a tiny bit seriously on the list, I won't post an
for Pia, now that I am a Wesnoth Widower [1]. ;-)


- Jeff

[1] Wesnoth is a very addictive FOSS game, which Pia started playing
SOME NAUGHTY PERSON mentioned it at LCA. I blame Rusty. :-)

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