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Minnie Constan MConstan at austexhibit.com.au
Mon May 30 07:41:02 UTC 2005

Thanks Jonathan - initially I got the feeling that you all hated me, but
I'm now starting to wonder if that isn't just your sense of humour or at
least that's what I'm hoping :-) 

Kind regards
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Hi guys,

It seems there's maybe a small point being missed here. You're
discussing things which to some people at least would cause offence when
used publicly and there are questions about whether you're serious about
saying them publicly, but *this list is public too*.

Like Leon, I enjoy a clever double-take-causing slogan as much as
anyone. And I know the FOSS community is kinda like a big family and for
our little subset of the family linux-aus is our loungeroom where we
muck around and chat about stuff casually, but remember it's a
loungeroom with an open door where any random person can walk in and sit
down. It may not be as public as a stand at LWE, but it's still public.
The list includes people like Minnie, organiser of LWE, who right now
may be wondering what the hell she's doing offering a free stand to a
group like us.

Also like Leon I hate going all unimaginative and old-fogey, but please
just remember that this list is a public place.

Cheers   :-)

Jonathan Oxer

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