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The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) today released for public 
comment a draft industry standard about the protection of customer 
personal data.

A key principle of the draft standard is that the use of customer 
information in the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND) and access 
to that information is restricted and protected.

“The draft Telecommunications (IPND) Industry Standard attempts to 
balance community and commercial expectations on the use of personal 
information in the contemporary environment,” ACA Acting Chairman Dr 
Bob Horton said.

“It clarifies the approved purposes of IPND data and tightens internal 
control mechanisms surrounding access to IPND data.” 

The draft standard also provides a clear and enforceable set of rules 
on the collection, use and disclosure of customer information in the 

“Concern about improper use of telecommunications customer information 
and lack of clarity around and compliance with the industry code led 
the ACA to make preparations for the mandatory industry standard about 
the use of this information,” Dr Horton said.

The ACA is calling for submissions on the draft standard from 
interested individuals, groups and industry bodies.   Those making 
submissions are also invited to comment on a number of related issues, 
including the list of ’approved purposes’ for which IPND data may be 
used.  In this respect, the ACA is leaving the door open to contemplate 
further acceptable database uses for the market research community, for 

The deadline for written submissions on the draft standard is Friday 1 
July 2005.  They should be sent to:

Jacqui Thorpe
Australian Communications Authority
PO Box 13112 Law Courts
Melbourne VIC 8010

or by email to draftstandard at aca.gov.au

The ACA will consult with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, 
the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the Office of the 
Federal Privacy Commission and a consumer body before determining an 
industry standard.

The draft industry standard is on the ACA website.  

The Australian Communications Authority is a government regulator of 
telecommunications and radiocommunications

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