[Linux-aus] LWE Marketing Strategy

Leon Brooks leon at cyberknights.com.au
Sun May 22 10:35:02 UTC 2005

On Thursday 19 May 2005 22:33, Bret Busby wrote:
> On Thu, 19 May 2005, Craige McWhirter wrote:
>> On Thu, 2005-05-19 at 14:59 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
>>>   Linux Australia: F*CK YEAH!

>>> Other suggestions? Please discuss.

>> While everyone else's contributions to this thread have been noble and
>> valiant efforts, the most obvious (and perhaps the only) required

>> suggestion to complete the marketing strategy would be:
>> :%s/*/U/g

>> Although after a long and painful conversation with a .us colleague
>> today, a play on cross cultural language differences might work well:

>> Linux Australia: "Come and get rooted."

> The appropriate response to both messages above, is that it is simply a
> matter of how much you intend to offend and alienate the public.

My goodness. Shocking as it is, 'fraid I must agree.

Yes, the slogans etc are funny. No, they will not meet with universal 
acclaim. When they do generate offence, they will generate *serious* 
offence. You _can_ be polite and still retain an air of irreverent 
enthusiasm, and that's the course "we" should sail.

I just want to be sure that this was _only_ a light-hearted suggestion and 
will not actually be implemented, resulting in the complete and lasting 
alienation of at least a third of our "market".

Cheers; Leon

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