[Linux-aus] Fair use and other copyright exemptions - have your say

Anthony.Hornby at cdu.edu.au Anthony.Hornby at cdu.edu.au
Fri May 6 00:30:02 UTC 2005

 Fair Use and other copyright exceptions

It's here! The Government's Issues Paper "Fair Use and Other Copyright 
Exceptions - An examination of fair use, fair dealing and other exceptions 
in the Digital Age"

Go to here http://www.ag.gov.au/agd/WWW/agdhome.nsf/AllDocs/E63BC2D5203F2D29CA256FF8001584D7?OpenDocument

Submissions should be in by 1 JULY 2005.

Section 11 specifically seeks submissions on whether there should be 
additional exceptions like exceptions for time-shifting and/or format 
shifting and/or back up copying (for materials other than computer 
programs already covered by s 47 and even "private copying" in section 12.

Go forth and submitify (???)!!!

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