[Linux-aus] 2005/04/22 Committee Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)

Anthony Towns secretary at linux.org.au
Wed May 4 22:42:02 UTC 2005

Hello world,

A couple of follow up notes on things that have come to light since the 

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Mr Russell indicated the most concerning issue, which should become live
> either this year or next, is the implementation of the
> anti-circumvention measures resulting from [...]

The next Open Source Forum in Sydney, planned for the first week of next 
month, covers this topic:


> Mr Russell indicated that there had been no activity on the fair use
> front, beyond some brief media attention resulting from some comments by
> the Attorney-General Phil Ruddock in February. Mr Russell also indicated
> it wasn't clear that Linux Australia has a direct interest in this area.

 From correspondence with the Attorney-General's department, it seems 
the issues paper for this inquiry should be released in the next few 
days on the department's website (www.ag.gov.au).

> 8. UPS for Digital
> 9. Change of registered office

We've also had some more progress on these issues, more info RSN. :)


Anthony Towns <secretary at linux.org.au>
Secretary, Linux Australia Inc


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